The relationship of the CRM system to the Social Network SEO to achieve the goal.

The business relationship on the Internet and the website can be classified into three ways: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Network, Or Customer relationship management (CRM) system. It will be different as follows.

1. Relationship with Search Engine (SEO : Search Engine Optimize) is a way to make Search Engine like Google, Yahoo, MSN. Get to know our site more. You need to have knowledge of SEO to plan to use the knowledge of Designer to design the most beautiful and friendly Search Engine, but at present I do not need it much. To be detailed in every inch. Just ask the site you have good content. Make the site as the nation’s most popular site like that he made and SEO in the Meta tag can make Serach Engine come to our site already. Do not take the risk by Blocking (they are wrong, the nature of the site is focused on the keywords to get people to visit these web pages to get it), because now the Serach Engine is very clever. Remember that if we are sincere and aim. Make a good website It will be a good result to come back to us. Even take a little time.

2. Relationship with Social Network the simple way is to link the link, but I see it as a way to find a base too. Like eating a party, smiling face, work, forget, no sincerity. It does not happen, but I think that the discussion has been exchanged. It’s more than that. Something we study is true. But to talk to people who have done. It is really what he does. Say what you can do, do not try, and unless you know it I also have a new friend. Business channel on the site. (It depends on what to talk about). And help each other

Remember!! if we Sincere in knowing someone It will be a good result to come back to us. Even take a little time. In person, I will be sincere to the people I know. And I hate being hypocritical for the sake of myself. If you come to know about the benefits. I will talk about business and should be win-win business. (Because of the rear. I think that is a business deal. Not a friendship or relationship.

3. Relationship with Customer relationship management This would not say much. Because there are many books written by many, but by the way, then how to make customers / web site customers most satisfied products, services and companies / sites may have to go with clients. In the e-mail, Chat, it depends on how. But on the other hand It should look good. To prevent the customer to persecute each other.

Remember, if we Sincere in customer service It will be a good result to come back to us. Because the world today Release of good news or news tattoo news on the Internet, it spread quickly. To succeed or to fail within a single night. But if you do not talk about the world online, we’ve noticed. Why the Chinese people across the sea To do business better than Thai people. In part because of the relationship.

Personally, I just got married to a young Chinese businesswomen. Love Group Association Sincere and very kind Say what is that word. Help each other Even if you are rich. But enough to socialize to do something. It will not hold any meat. Normal talk And even with me He looked as a child grandchildren. And teach them many things without prejudice.
So what are the problems or business contacts, These people will think about it first. Up to that If there are strangers, cheaper deals better. I would choose someone who is familiar and sincere, although the price is more expensive.

But if he refuses. He will have a way of rejecting indirectly or using a gesture instead. Lying is a lie to avoid rejection. Because Chinese people are worried about the face is important. (I think almost everyone), the Chinese are careful not to let themselves and others “lose face” and vice versa, it is like “face” and “give face” to others. Therefore, the disadvantage must be especially careful from friendly to enemy.

If you notice. When I give an example of the world of Online, I will remember to be sincere, because you should know that. Someone he reads you that you are sincere or hypocritical, but if you hypocrisy. He caught He has enough manners He will not deny you that moment. If the gesture is to say. As I wrote before

The consequences will not be. Happened But it will happen to your social circle. Because if someone asks him how he is. He may not support you. Because you know that you are not sincere. And unreliable association

If you compare Guanxi (current relationship), it would be called a social network face to face. And extremely sensitive Because of the need to use Mayat mentality, the idea is not just to use head and comment or chat to deceive chat.

Before I end, I agree with the idea of ​​Uthai Sangchai, the Executive Director. Bangkok Bank said that “from experience. The long-standing and what has been experienced in running a bank business. Bangkok is every day. I see that respect for each other. Including treating each other with sincerity and openness. It will make the relationship between you and the partner is strong and longevity. More than a hilarious trip together. “

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